Message from Godfather of Sudoku

Thirty years have passed since the introduction of Sudoku into the world.
This unique puzzle has spread to over 140 countries, and remained rooted in more than 90 of them.
Here, we would like to launch a community for Sudoku as leisure activity for the mind, and not for monetary gain.
Let’s enjoy the richness and depth the game provides for your brain, body, and mind; nurturing the joy Sudoku brings to our daily lives.
To those who like Sudoku only a tiny bit, or to those who love it, you are more than welcome to join this community.

Maki Kaji

Director Emeritus
Japan Sudoku Association.


Formal Name Japan Sudoku Association
ECHIZENYA Building 2F,
1-8-3 Miyoshi Kotoku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Year of Establishment 2015
Organization Goal Japan Sudoku Association is is an organization for promoting
puzzle games such as Sudoku to raise recognition and spread around the
world. We hope Sudoku contributes well to cultural communication and world peace.
  1. To plan and hold events for familiarization of Sudoku.
  2. To protect Japanese Trade mark of Sudoku.
  3. To update information of Sudoku and familiarize to our fans.
  4. To research and develop puzzle games, associate products. furthermore, to produce, exhibit and sell.
  5. To make connection to similar associations around the world.
Board of Directors
  • Chairperson of the Board Yoshibumi Goto
  • Director Emeritus Maki Kaji
  • Director Osami Okamoto
  • Director Tsukasa Sanuki

Congratulations Messages

The Malaysia Sudoku Society extends its heartiest congratulations to the Japan Sudoku Association on the occasion of her founding. The Japan Sudoku Association will be instrumental in bringing Sudoku to greater heights, not only in Japan but also globally. We are excited to be a good friend and partner of Japan Sudoku Association. And we look forward to working closely with the wonderful people in Japan Sudoku Association. Thank you.

Lee Yee Dian
Malaysia Sudoku Society

Congratulations to the Japan Sudoku Association!
We are excited to hear news of your new organization, and look forward to working together to promote the enjoyment and otherbenefits of Sudoku and all other puzzle types around the world.

Nick Baxter
Will Shortz
Directors, U.S. Puzzle Championship
U.S. Sudoku Team

Congratulations on the launch of the Japan Sudoku Association!

I hope it continues the history of Sudoku, bringing pleasure to huge numbers of people.

My history with Sudoku began in 1997 when I bought a Nikoli book in a Tokyo bookshop. I didn’t really know what I was buying, but it didn’t take me long to get hooked on Sudoku. Then I took a different route to Nikoli, by making computer-generated puzzles.

But even though I took a different route, it’s always been a great pleasure to me that Nikoli has been very welcoming to me, and we have a long-lasting friendship.

Good luck, and enjoy all those wonderful Sudoku puzzles to come.

Wayne Gould

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